The SCADC offers community planning services and technical assistance to member governments to help them make long-range and short-term plans for growth and development. Planning and technical assistance services may include comprehensive plans, land use plans, hazard mitigation plans, strategic plans, economic development strategies, annexation studies, feasibility studies, recreation and open space plans, subdivision regulations, zoning ordinances, data collection, and interpretation of local land use regulations. When communities plan for their future, they are better equipped to create an environment in which people can thrive.

Depending on the size and magnitude of the planning project, SCADC helps member governments obtain funding assistance through a variety of sources such as Community Development Block Grants, Appalachian Regional Commission, Economic Development Authority, Delta Regional Authority, Blackbelt Commission, and other non-profit funding organizations. SCADC also works collaboratively with educational institutions to bring research and additional resources to our communities.

In providing these services, SCADC helps create communities that are healthy and inviting places to live, work and play.

Ashton E. Hutchison, Director of Community and Economic Development
O:(334) 244-6903 ext. 145
C: (334) 312-1407

Jacob Poole, Community and Economic Development Specialist
O: (334) 244-6903 ext. 134