Community Development

SCADC provides technical assistance to local governments to address a variety of community development needs, including water and wastewater improvements, parks and recreational facilities, senior centers, community centers, fire and police equipment, libraries, historic preservation, walking and biking trails, and other community facilities that enhance the quality of life in the region. The SCADC staff provides guidance to its cities and counties in budgeting and financial management of capital improvement projects, state and federal grant administration, procurement, and other services as requested by member governments. We provide information and public policy options to local governments based on sound research and analysis.

SCADC’s planning staff is highly experienced in project development and grant administration and works closely with numerous state and federal agencies. Carefully planned projects are developed through the coordination of relevant public and private organizational resources. Agencies that frequently partner with SCADC to assist with community development projects include: Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA); Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC); Delta Regional Authority (DRA); National Park Service; U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development; and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Ashton E. Hutchison, Director of Community and Economic Development
O:(334) 244-6903 ext. 145
C: (334) 312-1407

Evan Crews, Community and Economic Development Specialist
O: (334) 244-6903 ext. 141

James Paterson, Community and Economic Development Specialist
O: (334) 244-6903 ext. 140

Jacob Poole, Community and Economic Development Specialist
O: (334) 244-6903 ext. 134