Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.    Where can I get help with aging services and what does it cost?
A:    You may contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center within your local Area Agency on Aging for help.  Compassionate, professional staff will provide quality assistance in addressing your concerns.   There is not cost for assistance through the ADRC, however, a contribution or a related cost may be requested should a client begin receiving services. Or, you may fill out the Request for Assistance online for more information.

Q.    Can I get paid for taking care of my loved ones?
A.    No, however our Alabama Cares Program can offer limited allocations to eligible family caregivers in support of their caregiving role.   

Q.    Where can I get help with elderly care or paying a gas or electric bill?
A.    You may contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center within your local Area Agency on Aging for help.  Our Elderly and Disabled Medicaid Waiver Program, Alabama Cares Program and a variety of other service providers in the region offer home and community based services for eligible clients.  

Q.    What program is available to assist with paying for medications?
A.    Our State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) can assist individuals eligible for Medicare benefits enroll in Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans.  Also, our SenioRx:    Partnership for Medication Access Program can assist individuals with limited income, no drug coverage who are 55-64 years of age.  If needed, assistance may also be available with liquid supplements such as Ensure, Glucerna, and Osmolite.  

Q.    What is the role of the Area Agency on Aging?
A.    The Area Agency on Aging (AAA) is part of a nationwide network of federal, state and local agencies set forth under the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended.  We are one of 13 Area Agencies on Aging in the state under administration of the Alabama Department of Senior Services with the responsibility of planning and developing a comprehensive, coordinated system of services to benefit older citizens. 

For more information, contact the Area Agency on Aging for assistance at (334)-244-6903 or 1-(800)-243-5463.